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Top Five Tax Return Issues that Professionals Fix Often

Making things work in your small business means putting in all your time and energy, day in and day out. Especially with your accounting needs, you have to be thoroughly focused and pay attention to every detail. Disregarding issues with your tax filing can lead to delays and even costly penalties. Focusing on your business, you can trust the JTC accounting firm in Chandler AZ to fix these sorts of problems. Your business will be more efficient as you take time to solve problems you are accustomed to dealing with and trust us with your accounting needs.


Credits and Deductions

You run a small business but you’re unsure about what tax credits apply to your industry and company size. No, you don’t need to become a financial planner to determine which credits are appropriate for your company. By consulting with the JTC accounting firm in Chandler AZ, you can receive expert advice and make plans to reach your financial goals by applying for the right deductions.


Is your math correct?

If you’re filing your business taxes on your own, you should pay close attention to any calculation made by hand. One dropped zero or transposed number can directly impact the timeliness of your return being accepted by the IRS. If they recognize any significant outliers, it can be a lengthy and potentially expensive process to fix the errors. The professionals with JTC accounting firm in Chandler AZ are experienced in


Making Your Own Tax Copy

If you’ve successfully submitted your tax information, you may have been rushed and forgotten to save a copy for your own records. Attempting to reach out to the IRS for your tax return can take hours on the phone and cost a pretty penny. Before submitting your tax return, you can receive a tax return copy from the JTC accounting firm in Chandler AZ to double check numbers and names. If everything checks out, you will have a copy of the return and we can send that to the IRS. We can send your tax return provided everything is correct and we receive your documents in a timely manner.


Forgetting to Sign

After you’ve prepared all the correct information for your business tax return, you still need to sign and date your return for verification. A simple omission of your signature can complicate these issues and put you in a position where you might miss out on important tax deductions due to late filing delays and penalties. The preparers at the JTC accounting firm in Chandler AZ are experienced with business-type returns and can help you remember to sign for your return when the time comes.


Name Spelling

Helping your business partners and shareholders by filling out your own tax forms can seem like a chance to gain their trust. However, a simple error in name spelling can quickly lead to issues with the IRS and confusion with your business partners. You can learn more about how the JTC accounting firm in Chandler AZ can help you avoid this awkward situation. You will learn about how our company checks and double checks for spelling errors, ensuring accuracy with our signature CPA review.


Wrap Up

Instead of making errors, you can focus on your business while the JTC accounting firm in Chandler AZ meets your accounting needs. Your business tax return will be more accurate and you will take advantage of opportunities that help you in your efforts. In turn, you can adjust your business processes for peak performance and maintain output at optimal levels.

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