How Does Straight Line Depreciation Work?

Straight line depreciation is a small business accounting procedure. This helps accountants and small business owners calculate exactly how much needs to be taken out of the expense on a yearly basis. When it comes to tax time, you will more likely be prepared to perform necessary tasks prior to filing. Formula   Depreciation of […]

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Posted in News Trent Elijah July 27, 2022

Serving Clients with an Attitude of Gratitude

Providing the best product or service to each client means helping them feel satisfied as they do business with them. Whether simply reaching out or thanking a long-time client, there are best practices to sending the right message. Where lack of gratitude distances the business from each client, using “thank you” more often and expressing […]

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Posted in News Trent Elijah April 12, 2022

Three Strategies Startups Should be Using

startup strategies image

Day One: Stay tuned for to learn more about three strategies startups should be using in their plan for success. Come back tomorrow to learn about the first strategy!  

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Posted in News Trent Elijah March 24, 2022