Financial Planning in Phoenix AZ

Financial planning is important for your small business. You need to find the best small business accounting in Phoenix AZ to help you plan. For your company, there are many factors to keep in mind as you formulate your business financial plan. Some variables to consider include project expenses, employee payroll & benefits, outstanding liabilities, […]

Top 10 Features of Shopify Plus for eCommerce Businesses

Shopify Flow Shopify Flow is an automation-enabled feature that allows you to streamline your everyday Shopify tasks. This includes automatic order sorting and emailing, fraud detection workflows, and inventory functions. If you have a certain group of products that are sold only to larger clients, you can separate these orders from smaller ones by using […]

Serving Clients with an Attitude of Gratitude

Providing the best product or service to each client means helping them feel satisfied as they do business with them. Whether simply reaching out or thanking a long-time client, there are best practices to sending the right message. Where lack of gratitude distances the business from each client, using “thank you” more often and expressing […]

Posted in News Trent Elijah April 12, 2022